2016 Annual Traffic Report

2016 Annual Traffic Report

Thank you for visiting our 2016 Annual Traffic Report. We have made it an entire year and God has blessed this ministry beyond what we ever though could be done. Below we are going to tell you how the numbers looked for some of the important parts of this website for all of 2016.

Les Feldick Bible Study Mission Statement

The mission statement for Les Feldick Bible Study is to share God’s Word and allow people to become more like Christ through the study of His Word each and every day!


We posted 366 videos over 366 days in 2016. We also posted 30 eBooks and 12 Traffic Reports.

Most popular posts in 2016.

  1. Video Archive – 20,503 Page Views
  2. Les Feldick eBooks – 15,664 – Page Views
  3. Page 2  – 6,487 Page Views
  4. Start Here – 6,041 Page Views
  5. About Les – 4,216 Page Views
  6. Get eBooks – 3,224 Page Views
  7. Shop – 3,117 Page Views
  8. Timelines – 3,047 Page Views


Traffic for 2016 was amazing! We increased our page views from 116,95 in 2015 to 539,945 in 2016. This is an increase of over 233%! In 2016 we averaged 1,475 page views per day which is up from 443 page views per day in 2015. We had a total of 121,838 unique visitors in 2016 which is way up from the 31,642 unique visitors to the site in 2015! Our traffic has really improved and we are so grateful for your help in making that happen!

Check out this graphic below that compares our traffic in 2015 with 2016.

Annual-2016 Overview Analytics

Email List

Just over 41% of our traffic came from our email list in 2016. This is down from 48% in 2015 which is good!   In 2016 we added 2,404 email subscribers which is up 128% from 2015. We averaged over 6.5 signups each day in 2016 that is up from 5 signups per day in 2015. This is amazing! If you are apart of our email list and know someone who would like to be on our list and receive the daily videos please share this link with them. https://lesfeldickbiblestudy.com/get-ebooks
If you have any suggestions how we can improve our emails we would love to hear them here.


Over 32% of our traffic in 2016 came from Social. This is way up from the almost 20% of our traffic coming from social in 2015. Most of our Social traffic in 2016 came from Pinterest. Below is the breakdown by %.

Check out the graphic below with all of the social information for 2016!

Annual-2016 Social Analytics 3


YouTube is the most important stat that we can track! The reason is because it does not matter how many people visit the website if they never watch the videos. Our goal for this site is to get the teaching of God’s Word in front of more people

If you added up all the time people spent watching our videos on Youtube it would equal 2 year and 196 days.

  • Total Minutes Watched – 5,529,817 (2015 – 1,334,774)
  • Total Views – 373,897 (2105 – 94,582)
  • Avg Views /Day – 1,021 (2015 – 259)
  • Avg Minutes Watched/Day – 15,109 (2015 – 3,656)
  • Avg View Duration – 14:47 – (2015 – 14:06)

Check out the graphic below with all the information for 2016.

Annual-2016 Youtube Analytics

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Almost 14% of our traffic came from Organic Search in 2016. This number only increased by 1%. This is because our social traffic increased so much! We need to be promoting our site in other places besides Facebook and Twitter. The more our website is mentioned around the internet the more authority it has with search engines. If you have a blog or a website and would like to put a link to our site on there please by all means go right a head! If you have questions about doing this please let us know here.


Expenses for 2015 came in close to $1000. Some of this was just the recurring monthly cost. In June we started using a new Email Marketing Service and almost cut our monthly cost in half. We did spend $100 on Facebook advertising and also spent $100 dollars on our redesign of the website.  As we grew, expenses like our email list and hosting increased but that is to be welcomed! We want to reach more people and that costs more money.  This is a ministry for us and we feel God will take care of the money part for us.


After our expenses started to rise we wanted to try and bring in some revenue but not by plastering ads all over our website. We wanted to take advantage of affiliate sales. The way affiliate sales work, is if you shop at Amazon or Christian Book Distributors  just click on those links or use our shopping page and click on the banners at the bottom. When you go through these links our website will get a little commission from each product you buy. The items you buy will not cost you any more but the sites give us a little for sending you there to shop. Some sites make thousands of dollars each month just by people going the Amazon or other sites using their links. If you have questions about how this works please let us know here. We did not want to ask for donations but as the year went on we had people asking us how they could give donations. So we setup a donation page with PayPal. You can visit that page here.

In 2016 we brought in $2,169.35 in revenue. Over $2,052 of that came in from donations! Thank you so much to everyone who donated to our website! As you can see we had over $1,000 more come in than what our costs were. We are trying to figure our the best way to spend this money to increase how many people we can reach with these videos.

We have been thinking about doing some give away’s to increase traffic and reach for our site. If we were to do a give away what kind of things would you like to see given away. Let us know.

What we have planned for 2017

We are looking to for ways to continue to reach more people. We would love for our community to share our site on your blogs or websites! Like I mentioned before we are looking at doing some giveaway’s to increase our exposure.

If you have any suggestions on something we could do to serve you better please Contact us!

Need Your Help in 2017!

If you are on any of the social sites below please follow us. Help us share God’s Word with as many people as possible! Please share our daily posts with everyone on these social networks! The more you share the more people will have a chance to see these videos and learn from the amazing teaching!

Thanks so much for all of your support in 2016! We can not wait to see what 2017 has in store!

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