FAQ #42 How was Lord Jesus Christ born without sin?

How was Lord Jesus Christ born without sin?

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Genesis 3:15

`And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.'”

In a previous lesson we pointed out that this verse is foretelling that long-running enmity between the powers of Satan and the powers of God, especially the Son of God Who would be coming on the scene as the Redeemer.

Turn now to Galatians 3:16. As we’ve said before, we must always qualify everything with Scripture, studying and comparing Scripture with Scripture to get the whole, correct picture. The “Seed of the Woman” is unique in Genesis 3:15, but we have to follow this thread all the way through Scripture, because the prophecy given in Genesis was looking forward to the coming of THE REDEEMER. Galatians 3:16, then helps us to qualify just Who this “Seed of the Woman” is.

Galatians 3:16

“Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, `And to seeds,’ as of many; but as of one, `And to thy seed,’ which is Christ.”

So we can always scripturally refer to the Lord Jesus as the “Seed of the Woman.”

Remember, as we’ve gone through our study from Genesis 1:26, when Adam and Eve were created through the time when they ate of the forbidden fruit, we have tried to emphasize the fact that first we must understand that Adam, as he was first created, actually contained the woman we now know as Eve. When Eve was later created (Genesis 2:21-22), the Bible makes it clear that she came out of Adam, because Adam had to be the “Federal Head” of the human race, and everybody, including Eve, would now come from that line of Adam. That’s why Scripture tells us so plainly that the human race didn’t come under sin by virtue of Eve, even though she had eaten first, but sin came upon the whole human race by way of Adam.

We have to understand that Eve was in Adam because even though God did not put the curse on Eve for having eaten herself of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, yet she inherited that sin nature through Adam just like every other human being who’s ever lived. All this should begin to tell us something!

For some reason or other, God had to keep the fault (or whatever you want to call it), that fell upon mankind through the curse from Eve. He had to somehow insulate her from it so that she would simply inherit her sin nature through Adam. She became a fallen creature, not from her own eating of the forbidden fruit which she did in ignorance, but rather because she was “in Adam.” And even though she became a fallen creature and was under the anathema of sin just as much as Adam or anyone else, yet God did something with the long range view in mind, in order to provide “The Redeemer,” because this Redeemer had to come through the woman and at the same time be free of the sin nature!

If you really stop and consider, most Christian people believe and ascribe to the virgin birth of Christ, and isn’t it amazing that the Christ could be born of a woman who, out of the line of Adam, was a sinner like everyone else (Mary was not sinless!); that God could bring to pass the birth of the Christ Child from a normal female human being, yet her Offspring could be sinless and not pick up anything of the human element of the sin nature?

Why? This may get a little deep now, and unfortunately the average Christian never even considers this. However, we are teaching the very basics here and, consequently, some of the things just aren’t too easy to understand. God expects us to study and grow and go into the deep things, as Paul calls them – “the meat of the Word.”

Because Eve was somehow so insulated from propagating the sin nature, all of the females of the species have somehow still maintained that insulation from the curse that came by way of Adam.

To explain, the “seed of the woman” is called in medical terms “the ovum.” When the female gets ready for reproduction, there is building within her all these potential “ovum” or “seeds.” But those “ovum” will never become anything more than individual cells unless or until they are impregnated from an outside source – the father.

Physiologists say that in order for the young mother to become pregnant, one of the ovum becomes separated from the others and becomes impregnated; the first change is that the cells within the fertilized ovum begin to divide and multiply rapidly until they reach a count of 32 or sometimes 64; then suddenly, in the development of that little embryo that process of cell division and multiplication stops and the body cells begin to develop – the extremities: fingers, toes, feet, hands, etc. – to form the human body. Sometime further down the line, the original reproductive cells find their way into the fetus as a whole.

Remember back in studying Eve’s creation, we pointed out that she was taken not just from Adam’s rib, but from the “side chamber” of Adam, and it was probably the reproductive portion of Adam that is referred to as the “germ plasm” from which Eve was formed? She had to be insulated from any part of the curse of the sin nature so that these reproductive cells, beginning with and coming all the way down to Mary, and probably on down to us today, do not carry the curse from one generation to the next except through the father. It’s only the father that precipitates what we call the circulatory system or the blood system.

This doesn’t come easily to our understanding and you really must give this considerably thought. If the female of the species has been insulated from the effects of the curse in the area of reproduction, she cannot pass down from her generation to the next the curse of sin. That has to come through the father!

Physiologically speaking again, there is none of the mother’s blood that ever becomes part and parcel of that little baby. The blood comes from the father. Always remember that!

Now, the line of the curse comes through the blood – through the father. So every human being, as we have been stressing through these early lessons in Genesis, is a born sinner by virtue of the fact that he has inherited it through his father, not through his mother, although she is just as much a sinner as the father is.

Why has all this happened? Why did God see fit to insulate the “seed of the woman” from the curse? He was looking down through the eons of time to the coming of “The Redeemer,” because Christ had to be born of a woman, but yet He had to be sinless. Now, since the “ovum” or reproductive cells of the woman do not carry the curse, and God was the one who impregnated Mary so that she could become the mother of the Lord Jesus without benefit of a human father, Jesus could be born without that sin nature and that’s why we call His, the “virgin birth.”

The Lord Jesus could thus be born of a woman without the effects of the curse that came from the human father. He could be sinless, divine; His blood system did not originate with the human element, it originated with God. And yet since He was born of the woman, He was human; He had the same appetites that we have; He ate; He slept like we do, and yet was without sin!


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