March 2015 Traffic Report

March 2015 Traffic Report

Thanks for taking a look at our third traffic report!

You can see the first two here January 2015, February 2015.

My hope is that these traffic reports will encourage you and when you see what God is doing with this website you will see how you are helping with this ministry!

Les Feldick Bible Study Mission Statement

The mission statement for Les Feldick Bible Study is to share God’s Word and allow people to become more like Christ through the study of His Word each and every day!


This month was a busy month! We posted 31 videos which brings the total number of videos to 90! We also added eBooks to the website. Each eBook is twelve lessons. We are posting each eBook when we post the first video of the Book. Since we started a little late doing this we posted the first 8 books this month.

The most popular posts of March were

  1. Get eBooks – 186 Unique Page Views
  2. Start Here – 184 Unique Page Views
  3. February Traffic Report – 103 Unique Page Views
  4. Lesson 1 Part 1 Book 5 – 99 Unique Page Views
  5. Lesson 1 Part 1 Book 1 – 98 Unique Page Views


Traffic continues to increase which is awesome! Traffic was up 35% over last month with an average of 59 visitors per day which is 11 more per day that last month. Bounce Rate was exactly the same as last month at 67.11% (Bounce Rate is % of visitors who leave after viewing only one page. The lower the better!) Check out the graphic below with all the information!

March 2015 Traffic Report
March 2015 Traffic Report

Email List

41.3% of our traffic is coming from our email list. This is up almost 5 % from last month and I think that is because our email list grew almost 52% in March from 271 to 411. This is amazing to me, all 411 people are getting our videos delivered each day to their email! This is the best way to ensure you keep up with the videos and other things we have going on. If you are not signed up for our email list you can do it HERE!


26.1% of our traffic in March came from social networks. This is down almost 8.5% from February. I am not exactly sure why this has happened. This just proves that we need more help from you sharing our updates with your friends. Each social network grew in followers this month which you can see below. Please help spread God’s Word by sharing our updates with your friends!

  • Facebook – 51 (60 Last Month) / Total 292
  • Google Plus – 58 (26 Last Month) / Total 96
  • Twitter – 23 (16 Last Month) / Total 44
  • YouTube – 28 (16 Last Month / Total 55

Check out the graphic below with all of the information!

March 2015 Social Analytics
March 2015 Social Analytics


Of course we want people to come to our site but more importantly we want them to consume the Bible studies. This is mostly done by watching the Bible studies on YouTube. Minutes watched this month was up over 52% from February with 47,583 minutes watched in March. That is equal to just over 33 days straight worth of viewing.

  • Total Minutes Watched – 47,583 (32,421 Last Month)
  • Minutes Watched/Day – 1,535 (1,113 Last Month)
  • Avg View Duration – 15:36 (14:36 Last Month)

Check out the graphic below with all the information

March 2015 YouTube Analytics
March 2015 YouTube Analytics

 What’s Next?

You tell me! I would love to hear some more feedback from you guys on what else you would like to see!
I plan on doing a question and answer section but I really need to have all of the videos up in order to pull that off. I would also like to a topic page and arrange these videos by topic. Would love to hear your feedback on these ideas. Please contact us HERE!

We Still Need Your Help!

God is doing great things with this website but just like life God needs his people to step up and spread His Word.
If you are on any of these social networks please follow us and help spread God’s Word with your friends!

Also if you have not signed up for our email list you can do that HERE!

Thank You!

Thank you so much for your support of this website! We really could not do it with out your help!





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