November 2015 Traffic Report

November 2015 Traffic Report

Thank you for visiting our eleventh traffic report!

We will continue to publish these traffic reports because we think it is a huge deal to be transparent with the people who are helping us spread the teaching of God’s Word! Just like we are sharing our daily people reached on our Facebook posts, we want you to know how God is using your faithfulness to share His Word with others.

You are playing a big part in reaching this world with God’s Word! Thank You!

Here are the 9 previous traffic reports!











Les Feldick Bible Study Mission Statement

The mission statement for Les Feldick Bible Study is to share God’s Word and allow people to become more like Christ through the study of His Word each and every day!


We posted 30 videos in the month of November which increases the total to 334. We also posted 3 eBooks which brings the total to 29. Get those eBooks here.

Most popular posts in November.

  1. Video Archive – 700 Page Views
  2. Les Feldick Bible Study eBooks – 655 – Page Views
  3. Start Here  – 347 Page Views
  4. Day 307 – 334 Page Views
  5. Where do we go when we die – 329 Page Views
  6. Day 313 – 255 Page Views
  7. Day 305 – 241 Page Views
  8. Day 306 – 235 Page Views


Traffic for November decreased over 9% from October. We averaged over 630 page views per day in November which was down from 673 in October! We hit over 3500 unique visitors for the month which is 21% less than last month! We had a big problem with Facebook during the month of November. This just proves that growth is not guaranteed and we need to continue share and reach as many people as possible! We tried to stress to everyone how important it is to join our email list just in case this ever happens again. You can join here.

Check out this graphic below for all of the details for November.

Nov-2015 Overview Analytics

Email List

Almost 54% of our traffic came from our email list in November. This number was an increase of 5%. Our email list grew over 6.5% in November from 1,562 to 1,664. This increase is smaller than last month but we are still growing so that is a plus! If you are not on our email list please sign up here so you can get each video delivered daily.


Only 12% of our traffic came from social which is a decrease of 10% from what we had in November. As I mentioned before we were banned from sharing on Facebook for a few weeks and thus the big decrease in traffic from social!  The software we started using in August is working is still working well and we are back sharing on Facebook so we should be good for December.

  • Facebook – 59 (135 Last Month) / Total 1175
  • Google Plus – 4 (14 Last Month) / Total 341
  • Twitter – 22 (24 Last Month) / Total 457
  • YouTube – 95 (97 Last Month) / Total 584
  • Instagram – 0 (1 Last Month) / Total 110

Check out the graphic below with all of the information!

Nov-2015 Social Analytics


YouTube is the most important stat that we can track! The reason is because it does not matter how many people visit the website if they never watch the videos. Our goal for this site is to get the teaching of God’s Word in front of more people

November’s minutes watched when added together equals 150 Days 17 Hours.

  • Total Minutes Watched – 217,053 (220,074 Last Month)
  • Minutes Watched/Day – 7,235 (7,099 Last Month)
  • Avg View Duration – 14:53 (14:23 Last Month)

Check out the graphic below with all the information.

Nov-2015 Youtube Analytics


I am adding a new section to this report for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). People finding this site by performing a search in Google or Bing or Yahoo is very important! We really want the % of our visitors coming to our site from one of these search engines to increase each month and it has been! Our first month 5% of our traffic came from search. It is important that this number increases each month.

August – 13%
September – 12.5%
October – 12.95%


Our expenses increases some because we are growing which is awesome! The software we are using for Social Sharing has really helped with our traffic from social but we had to increase our package!  Our cost for our email list also increased because we now have more than 1,000 people on our email list which is great!

Hosting (HostGator) – $9.95/Month

Social Sharing (SlackSocial) – $14.00/Month  (Increased Social Shares per/day from 125 – 250)

Email List (MailChimp) – $24.75/Month (Cost increased when we hit 1,500 email subscribers)

YouTube Managment (TubeBuddy) – $11.40/Month

Total – $60.10/Month


We just started an affiliate shopping page . If you shop on Amazon or Christian Book Distributors you can go to our shopping page and click on the banner of the site you want to shop on and any item you buy on that website we will earn a small commission of the total sale.  We will be listing all the revenue that we make with this affiliate shopping page. Hopefully this can cover the costs that are mentioned above and even allow us to do some more things to help share the teaching of God’s Word!


July – $0.74
August – $18.72
September – $59.66
October – $11.00
November – $5.88

Total 2015 – $96.00

Christian Book Distributors

July – $0.00
August – $4.83
September – $4.32
October – $0.00
November – $0.00

Total 2015 – $9.15

Total Revenue

July – $0.74
August – $23.55
September – $63.98
October – $11.00
November – $5.88

Total 2015 – $105.15

What we did in November

More like what we were not able to do in November. The fact that we could not share in Facebook really hurt our mission of getting the teaching of God’s Word in front of as many people as possible. We will bounce back!

What we have planned for December

We have been looking at moving our hosting to a WordPress dedicated hosting solution. This will speed up our site along with making it more stable! The only downside to doing this is that it is more expensive. Most improvements cost more money.

If you have any suggestions on something we could do to serve you better please Contact us!

Need Your Help!

If you are on any of the social sites below please follow us. Help us share God’s Word with as many people as possible! Please share our daily posts with everyone on these social networks!

Help support this site!

If you want to help support this site please use our affiliate shopping page HERE. Anything you buy from the websites we have listed on there our site gets a small commission from the sale.

Thanks so much for all of your support!

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