September 2016 Traffic Report

Thank you for visiting our 21st traffic report!

We will continue to publish these traffic reports because we think it is very important to be transparent with the people who are helping us spread the teaching of God’s Word! Just like we are sharing our daily people reached on our Facebook posts, we want you to know how God is using your faithfulness to share His Word with others.

You are playing a big part in reaching this world with God’s Word! Thank You!

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Les Feldick Bible Study Mission Statement

The mission statement for Les Feldick Bible Study is to share God’s Word and allow people to become more like Christ through the study of His Word each and every day!


We posted 30 videos in the month of September which increases the total to 639. We also posted 3 eBooks which brings the total to 54. Get those eBooks here.

Most popular posts in September.

  1. Les Feldick eBooks – 1,980 Page Views
  2. Video Archive – 1,798 Page Views
  3. Start Here – 609 Page Views
  4. Page 2– 601 Page Views
  5. Day 627– 466 Page Views
  6. About Les Feldick – 447 Page Views
  7. Day 625 – 431 Page Views
  8. Day 626 – 415 Page Views


Traffic for September decreased by 1% from August. We averaged over 1,830 page views per day in September which was up from 1,726 in August! We  had 372 less unique visitors come to the site in September than we did in August but unique visitors per day increased by 5.  We had less days in the month of September which caused our totals to be less than August but all of our daily stats increased.

Check out this graphic below for all of the details for September.


Email List

Over 36.5% of our traffic came from our email list in September. This is an increase of almost 1%.  Our email list grew 7% in September from 3,376 to 3,614. This was a little more than last month as we gained 7.9 subscribers each day. Which was 0.2 per day more than last month. If you are not on our email list please sign up here so you can get each video delivered daily.


Our social traffic was down from August with just above 39% of our traffic in September. We still need you to support by sharing our posts to help us reach more people with the teaching of God’s Word! Below is how our social presence increased last month.

  • Facebook – 88 (111 Last Month) / Total 8,462
  • Google Plus – 5 (-1 Last Month) / Total 382
  • Twitter – -12 (31 Last Month) / Total 850
  • YouTube – 164 (130 Last Month) / Total 1,977
  • Instagram – 3 (3 Last Month) / Total 134

Check out the graphic below with all of the information!



YouTube is the most important stat that we can track! The reason is because it does not matter how many people visit the website if they never watch the videos. Our goal for this site is to get the teaching of God’s Word in front of more people

September’s minutes watched when added together equals 1 Year and 35 Days up from 1 Year and 20 Days in August.

  • Total Minutes Watched – 577,170 (554,755 Last Month)
  • Minutes Watched/Day – 19,240 (17,895 Last Month)
  • Avg View Duration – 15:56 (15:56 Last Month)

Check out the graphic below with all the information.



We are currently looking for ways to reach more people every month. We realize this will cost us a little but we are doing well with our budget. If you have any suggestions we would love to hear them!

Hosting (WPHostingSpot) – $17.50/Month

Email List (Mailerlite) – $10/Month (Cost will increase when we hit 5,000 subscribers)

YouTube Managment (TubeBuddy) – $11.40/Month

Total – $38.90/Month


We have stopped using our Amazon affiliate page over the last 6 months. We started it back in October 2016.


December – $16.23

Total 2015 – $112.23

January – $28.46
February – $21.28
March – $21.72
April – $0.00 (Having problems with Amazon Affiliate account)
May – $0.00 (Still having problems)
June – $0.00 (Amazon Affiliate account is down)
July – $0.00 (Amazon Affiliate is still down)
August – $0.00 (Not using Amazon Affiliate in 2016)
September – $0.00

Total 2016 – $71.46

Christian Book Distributors

December – $1.63

Total 2015 – $10.78

January – $1.52
February – $0.00
March – $0.00
April – $4.56
May – $0.00
June – $0.00
July – $1.36
August  $0.00
September – $5.04

Total 2016 – $12.48

PayPal Donations

January – $202.10
February – $155.00
March – $140.00
April – $190.00
May – $325.00
June – $5.00
July – $105.00
August – $575.00
September – $110.00

Total 2016 – $1807.10

Total Revenue

December – $17.86

Total 2015 – $123.01

January  – $232.08
February – $176.28
March – $161.72
April – $194.56
May – $325.00
June – $5.00
July – $106.36
August – $575.00
September – $115.04

Total 2016 – $1,891.04


We want to make sure everyone know how grateful we are for everyone’s donations! Just know that you can also help support this site by by using out affiliate shopping page HERE.  Using out affiliate site when shopping on Amazon or a few other site does not cost you any money and you can help us out every month!

What we have planned for the rest of 2016

We have switched our email marketing platform to a company called Mailerlite. We will save a lot of money using this new service. We are looking at ways to reach more people and would love your suggestions! We will also continue to look for back links.

Do you have a Blog?

Do you have a website or blog? Would you love to help us reach more people with the teaching of God’s Word? We would love for you to write a blog post about what your experience has been with Les Feldick’s Bible Studies. Just tell people about his studies and how you are watching them using this website. Then post a link at the bottom telling people what our website is.

If you have any suggestions on something we could do to serve you better please Contact us!

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