What is The Bible Project?

The word of God is the shield of every Christian. By reading the Bible and following the word of God, he will strengthen you with the Holy Spirit. Moreover, through reading his word, God awakens the faith in us, and this is why The Bible is there to push and guide us all the time. As Christians, we wake up to face different sorts of overwhelming challenges. These challenges can blur our vision and make us lose focus of where we are going, but we overcome them all by getting encouragement from the Bible.

The Bible is set in a manner that some books and scriptures carry hidden meanings that we cannot understand when we read it like any other typical book. This is why the Bible has been translated and written in several languages for people to comprehend certain concepts. The Bible Project aims at enabling you to understand the many hidden concepts of the bible so; you never lose focus in your Christian life. Several strategies and efforts have been used including the animated videos that vividly and precisely narrates the story of the Bible book by book. The videos are also categorized theme by theme to make reading easy and fun. They are created in a beautiful and engaging manner. Perhaps, this is a perfect way of exploring the word of God as well as growing in faith.

The project is a non-profit venture that targets at strengthening and uplifting the hungry souls that want to follow steps of Jesus. There are several free teaching guides available for download. These are meant to correct any misunderstandings of the Bible and help you grasp how beautiful and profound the scriptures are. In case you come across a biblical story that seems unfamiliar to you, you can always get the best guide done beforehand to enable you to understand meanings.

We are born into new life through reading the word of God regularly when we feel down in our spirit. The project is the biggest encouragement especially to those individuals that want to read the Bible but do not get ample time to do so. The resources and videos that are created from the project will help you along the way as you read the stories about Jesus. Starting the first page while reading singly without any accompanying guide can be just a recipe for boredom. This is why the project is created to make Bible reading engaging and entertaining. Ideally, for you to be a true Christian, you need to make the word of God your starting point. No matter the goal you have in mind while reading the Bible, you will find the resources of the project very helpful to you. You will discover that some concepts are not as direct as you thought.

The project is beneficial not only for those who want to immerse themselves in Christianity but also to pastors as well. The word is there to give you hope even when you will there is no hope in life. You can quickly lose hope especially when your dreams are not fulfilled. This project will dramatically change how you view Bible reading. Develop a bible study plan today. You never actually know the path to the deepest joy but only through reading his word-The Bible.

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